Do you have a big heart?

If not maybe you should for year 2008. Like this Giant Heart pocket pouch doll and air mail pouch made by Nadja in Berlin, Germany, they're both cute and functional. Purchase yours here and click here for more Smil products.


Ready for party?!!!

Well, certainly these owls and Anti-Pink Gang are ready for 2008. Tonight is the last Saturday for 2007. Let's have a blast time!! Created and handmade by Kwoozy. Purchase H-bunny Softie at Etsy.


Mamas & Papas

Here is a few of hugging toys from Mamas & Papas, an UK stores carry a wide range of baby stuff include maternity wear, babywear. See more here.

Mini-Moopy PDF by Nest Studio

Nest Studio offered Mini-Moopy pattern in PDF version. Simply make payment to her paypal account. You'll get the PDF in your email. And if you happened to be in Croydon South Australia enroll in one of her classes.

Room and Board

Room and Board carry a collection of hand knitted toys for $39 each. Take a peek here.

Ana Ventura

Although the holidays is almost over but cool looking gifts can still be given. Like Marcardores de Livros bookmarks (sad this bookmarks sold out..keep an eye for more available soon) and Fita-Cola printed sticky tape by Ana Ventura. Thanks, Belle Vivir!


Tat-Tat Wall Art by Pearly Tan

Through nonchalan mom blog I found this cute artwork design by Pearly Tan. Check out her online shop at Kaching Design.

Donna Doll

Handknit of 100% lambswool by Donna Wilson from London, England. Take me home from Enfant Terrible Shop.

Pooki and Co.

Colorful softies by Pooki and Co. And here is Pooki with an unusual eyes and big ears. Mina is sweet and shy, bundle up it's cold outside! Purchase yours here at Chittypulga.com.


Holiday Gift Bag: Dwell Studio Finger Puppet Set

You might win!!! So hurry! hurry! You have until Dec 22 9pm PT to enter the giveaway. Go to apartment therapy for enter info detail.

Flying Star Toys

Biscuit Bunnies & FlockA2. What a cute name! These softie handmade and design by Florence Forrest, an Australian artist. Take a peek and grab one home from here.


Funky Key Caps

If you're like me aways wondering which key is which?? Funky key caps will solve that problem. What a clever ideas! Get your set of 8 here.



One Share of stock certificate (the real thing) in any of these company apple, disney, coke, dreamworks and more at Oneshare.com. The Disney stock is my faves. Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo + more Disney characters on the certificate. Great for hang art as well.

Hand Knit Bottle Toppers - Cool Gift

Heading to a holiday house party, here is cool gift from Uncommon Goods. No more nake bottle. HAHA.


Smosch Handmade Buttcrack Characters Etc.

They sure crack me up! Buttcrack characters are handmade crochet created by Sandra. Mr. Steffen (the one in brown) is asking you to take him home.

Nuigurumi style

Looking for inspiration or project. Take a peek at Nuigurumi style, a Japanese inspiration for making softies as well as knitting. Order a copy here for $12.60 + $5.95 shipping.

Zid Zid Mini Poofs

Cheerful and colorful mini poofs for playing or sitting. Ready, Si!. Let's have some fun! Collect all 7 at hazel wood.


zid zid kids Bus Backpack

Having a cool schoolbag was always a BIG thing for me. Especially in elementary grade. If you read my Nov 29 blog, you know what I mean. Don't want to end up there otherwise it will hunt you for the rest of your life. Dig in here.

Rayman Raving Rabbids - Wii

He is not soft but his is cute, cuddly, insane bunny from one of the Wii game. You now can collect these figurines series from the UBI|art store features of several of the crazy critters from the game including the Raving Cook, Rabbmoo, Rabbinho, and Rabbmaid . Each vinyl figure costs 14 British pound and stands about 3.2″ tall.


Gift Wrap - how?

Looking for a different way to wrap a gift? Japanese gift wrap are very creative. Get the PDF version from here. Happy wrapping!