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I will be traveling..posting will be light.

One of my favorite table of contents layout..see more check here..


bucket tutorial

Love this bucket bag. This would be a great additional to picnic basket. But it can be use anyway you like.

Free instruction from pippijoe.



Hope you all have a good weekend. Temperature has cool down from the heat in the bay area. Here are some sweet little softies to check out - mondopanno as artist located in São Paulo, Brasil.


Happy Friday!!

Yo!! It's Friday, here is one cuties you can make over the weekend.

Free tutorial by freelance monster.



how to make octupus - click here. Instruction in english and spanish.

craig frazier

Great illustration..craig frazier

stuffed squares

stuffed squares - handmade softies come with a cute story behind these characters.

Billy Jack, the Neurotic Squirrel
Billy Jack fell off his nest as a child. Since that day he has tried to break free of his over-protective mother's control. As a result he had a rebelious phase during his adolescence when he would wander around Central Park terrorising the tourists.
These days, however, his analist claims he's doing much better.

Vlad, the Polar Bear
A great theorist os socialist studies, Vlad is looking to implement a system to share ice fishing means among all polar bears, thus ending class division.
His only problem is that he's a polar bear.


Making office supplies more fun..

Decorative clips make out of florist fabrics.

Visit How about orange to get the detail instruction to turn your office supplies to fancy one.

Ei! Kumpel

Ei! Kumpel is funky, colourful and fun! It’s full of handmade and original design crafts, such as brooches, bookmarks, puppets, plush dolls and others. I can't bypass the orange and the blue.

plush you 2007

Did you missed the plush you 2007 show? Cutesypoo posted some pics from the shows.

Check it out.



Futuristic city for futuristic people...and I'm a modern girl live in a modern world..blah blah..a friend forward me this link. I love the layout. It's so silicon valley. Thought I share with you.

"there are 20 "Easter egg" secret locations throughout the site that visitors can try to find as they tour different environments, structures and other elements within the city. The first 20 visitors who click on these hidden locations will each win a headset." - read more detail news click here.

Visit PLT city to seek your treasure.


Speak Up

Speakerdog always speaks his mind and thinks that everyone should voice their opinion, get themselves heard and stand up for what they believe in!


I have been missing in action (MIA) for couple days. Due to enormous workload at my full time job. Certainly happy to return to my softiescuties.

Here is very cute pics of otter with the newborn. If you're a fan of otters, visit Cueotters.com a site dedicated to otters.



Adorable art work by Rachel. See more at her etsy shop - elephantine

cute softies with removable sneakers

super ninon

These are super cute softies by an artist located in Berlin, Germany. And there are tons of pics in Flickr. I literally spend hours looking them.

Some of her stuff is available at: www.ninon.etsy.com

fat rabbit

This will require some legwork. But you'll be rewarded. Awwww look how cute he is.

Free pattern by fripperee


autographics your car, bike, window and tiles

Introducing blik Autographics, these exciting new decals have been especially formulated for use on vehicles, personalise your car, bike or camper van. Especially developed for outdoor use, the decals are waterproof and can also be used on outside windows and tiles.

Coming soon products - supernice.com

creative fabric dolls and fashion

A bite piece of information about manon gignoux,

"I create fabric sculptures, dressed objects, clothes and accessories – each piece is unique. My work lies between art and fashion.

My fabric dolls, each a kind of symbolic object, represent attitudes and personalities. I play on the relationship between clothes and object, I dress objects in order to protect them and to tell their story… damaged coverings, darned, made from accumulation and colours faded by time. I also set up installations in which I associate my work with objects that I have found, re-invented and/or photographed."

felt better

Great site information about felt material, the history and the process of making felt.

Sue Pearl Felt Maker
Hangerson House, Church Street, Bledington, Oxfordshire, OX7 6XG


K studio

Custom handmade pillows or bag. Choose over 60 patterns, fabric and stitch color visit kstudiohome.

little scruff

Little scruff - handknitted softies comes in red, grey, yellow and blue.
Availabe in Tinypeople.com

Etiquette of Chocolate

My mouth is watering while reading this blog -Etiquette of Chocolate. Simply design cake for all occasions. In fact it's too beautiful to even cut it up. If you're ever in Florida. Take a look. They are located in Orange Park, Florida at 1988 Kingsley Avenue, right across the street from the Orange Park Medical Center.


happy friday!!

Here are some softies "2nd annual softie awards" campaignposters..want to see me..visit softies central. Click here to vote your favorite.