Keep Calm and Ski On

"Keep Calm and Ski On" Got this cross stitch patterns as a gift for a very special person, who ski with me quiet often.


Charlie Brown Christmas

It's peace and quiet here in the city and at work. So, I decided to turn on Charlie Brown Christmas movie. What is great Christmas classic.

Full episode is on hulu.com.


Personalized gifts

Received this in the mail today. What an awesome idea. Simple, yet elegant and very personalized.

What More Can One Ask..



World smallest creature in my eye

my pick for today...

Someone forward this to me. I wish I know more about this adorable little creature. He looks like he can use a warm fireplace.

If you happen to know where this little creature coming from..please do share under "comments".


Gift wrap idea

Add a piece of leave to your gift wrapping, voila! It turn out beautifully. Of course, I did not came up with that idea.

nonchalant mom

Softies giveaway by Reg Pets

This cute little cat-snowman is about to make someone really happy.

Reg Pets - Giveaway

Tea Cozy

As I'm still in the Crown and Crumpet mode, my pick for today is something to keep the teapot from getting cold- tea cozy.

Felt Tea Pot Warmer by Saikhan

Teapot Cozy - Mari - Orange


Crown and Crumpet

Crown and Crumpet a brilliant, charm place for brunch! The crumpet and scones are my favorite. I would recommend to make reservation before hand for sitting inside. We had to sat outside on calm Sunday afternoon. Although, the breeze did pick later in the hours.

Hope you did something new today.


Kitty and Bear

Click Inside a Black Apple for details.

Time, what can you tell me about it?

Something we want more of it that's for sure. Some are good at managing it and some are not. Could you imagine what life is like without able to know "what is time it?" The train will arrive late. Santa Claus will not deliver your presents on time. Nowadays, we have laptop, clock on the walk, our iphone to tell us time.

Here is a true story, a woman selling time for living. Between 1836 and 1940, Ruth Belville, also known as the Greenwich Time Lady, was a businesswoman from London. She, her mother Maria Elizabeth, and her father John Henry, sold people the time. This was done by setting a watch to Greenwich Mean Time, as shown by the Greenwich clock, and then selling people the time by letting them look at their watch - reference wikipedia.

So, next time someone ask you "what is it?". It'll cost you.

See here: Ruth Belville - the Greenwich Time Lady written by David Rooney

My pick for today, a modern cuckoo clock by Albero.

Welcome to Friday!

Photo by Ivy style33


Brown bag wrapping

See the style files

Keep calm and cycle on

I did not know that "Keep Calm and Carry On" was a poster produced by the British government in 1939 during the beginning of World War II, intended to raise the morale of the British public under the threat of impending invasion - wikipedia. Quite interesting.

You can get more cross stitches like "Keep Calm and Cycle on" and "No Panic or Freak Out" from AllStitches.



Decoration at home

Snowflakes lights and softies toys purchased at ikea.

Warm Sugar

Posh softies..

Handmade by Warm Sugar check out at Etsy.com

Owl softies

I must confess there this thing about owl softies that I cannot seem to get away with it. The just absolutely adorable.

check out these one handmade by Haley by Hand

Orange cat - one of kind handmade

Over thanksgiving I found out my 4 years old niece loved her orange cat that I bought for her when she turned one year back in September. She has been slept with it every night and won't leave her bedside at all. I asked her to show it to me and immediately, she returned the orange cat back to her bed.

Here is Tabitha - one of kind handmade. The workmanship is very detail and very soft.

Check out tiddlywinks for more handmade selection.