Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everyone!! Thanks to all my reader. May the year 2009 allow me more free time to do more blogging.

A colorful baby turtle.


cute little plant

These cuties are currently at my kitchen countertop. Love their hair do.


El Bulli - world greatest restaurant

I saw this, El Bulli on the travel channel and bookmark for future day. Amazing and sparkle cleaning restaurant kitchen I ever seen. Reservation require year in advance, average cost $150 (w/o wine, tip or tax). And of course a plane ticket to Roses, Spain. You get to taste 35-course taster's menu is a grand experience of tastes, textures, and wonder.

Read more at gourmet food
El Bulli


my upgrade windows..

we finally upgrade the windows to just the way I like it. I can adjust the natural on my room and able to see outside during daylight. oh yeah!!!

Solar Shade from - Smithandnoble.com
Curtain from Ikea
Curtain rod from Zgallarie.com

peepwool - Amy Arnold

cute and unique softies..by Amy Arnold

fun by design

fun by design..

write whatever you feel on your bag..
plants on a dressing pants..how cute
and a remember to re-live the button bench. I remember those button candy as kid. Me and my sisters peel one by one off the sheet for the sweet taste.




Gregory iPhone cozy

iphone cozy come with a story how it started..

click here.



Feel like telling your friend your honest feeling..but don't how in a nice way. These little monsters will express for you. Just flip the card.

Pick up at shineboxprint.



Simple handmade doll without detail facial features.

Here is the link: beruta.net

We did it!!

Looking one of softiescuties travel photo has published in schmap.com

Pretty cool huh?? Check it out click here.


softies from vietnam

My friend Mike was visiting Portland and kind enough to share with me some softies cuties pictures he took at Cargoinc.com. These colorful softies are handmade by Reaching Out Vietnam.


Nosey Nest

Like this little yellow cute ducky? Well you can make one of your own given by Nosey Nest. Click here for free pattern. You can also purchase her softies like the blue monster below or pattern at esty, an online handmade site function like Ebay except for handmade.


RCF - Hilary At The Circus

Hilary's softies dolls are made from scrap and found fabrics. So it is unique and they have long long leg. And if you see one you like must grab it immediately. Like me missed the chance to get this pink long leg doll. I'm happy for the lucky customer.

Hilary Williams - Fine Art
2049 San Jose Ave, SF Ca 94112
visit Hilary's site to see more painting and drawing.


RCF - she got the look

We don't know her. But she got the look!!. I'm glad she let us take a pic of her.

RCF - rock scissor paper

rock scissor paper - owls collection was one my very first blog posting. Finally, I got the feel of touching these softies. There new rabbits has became one of my favorite. Very soft. Great for little kids to play with.

Below is pic of Susie.