happy traveling!

Getting ready for your holidays? I'm counting down to my Nova Scotia trips and Maui. Jessica the owner of bunny bum is giving free tutorial of this passport cover.
Love the traveling fabric..indeed got me excited about my trips! Here is the link. Don't forget to drop by her shop at etsy, bunny bum.

Sopa de principe - Argentina

If you're on your way to Argentina..as I am not. You might like to visit this Sopa de principe, a softies shop. I can tell you right now..if I'm there..it can takes hours before i walk out that door. So many cute softies.

Here is the address:
queda en Thames 1719, Palermo, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
(++ 5411) 4831 8505

via blog.2modern.com

how to make - Black Apple Dolls

Yesterday, I posted Black Apple - creeping rabbits. Today, Black Apple Dolls - free template and tutorial available on Martha Stewart site.


creeping rabbits

Emily Martin the top seller at Etsy - The Black Apple shop is having this creeping rabbits in her shop on April 30. Very sweet looking rabbits and dresses in stripes shirts.

Happy Tuesday!!

Spotted while reading, la pomme designed these funny faces softies. I love these Sleep Angel, custom-made lavender-scented dream doll above. Visit the etsy shop, you might end up with somethings.

sugar canister

Saving for future purchase. This little French Egg Man wishes you bon appetit! as you scoop your sugar out of him! He is 7 1/2 inches tall and comes with a wooden scoop spoon. Shop at bonbonatelier.com - Kansas City, MO


Hestia the Hedghog

Superb cute creature by taboocreations entered 2nd annual softie awards in softies central as "Top 5 Embroidered to Death" finalist. Go to softies central and submit your vote by May 6 p.m. (US, Pacific Coast time). You can only vote once. Everyone can vote.


These little guys are funny looking..especially the one with the broken teeth - bluberry cream. I got chuko a little did you? Below you also see nefarious fruits they come in

Red fruit Bring happiness and joy
Yellow fruit bring imagination and innovation
Purple fruit bring good luck and favor
Green fruit bring passion and self-awareness

They're handmade to order, about 6 inches tall by 7.5 inches wide, all unique with unique freckle/wart patterns. Their eyes GLOW-IN-THE-DARK !!!!Specify color (red-purple-green-yellow + more to come )!!! priced at $22.00 watch my shop "plushplex" at Etsy.com Taking pre-orders now.

how to cut it straight

If you're like me have trouble cutting a fabric straight..no worries..there are tools such as line ruler, rotary cutter that will help. I found this site provide good step by step pics..

Let's put our project fun and easy.

visit sewingweb.com


beautiful screenprinted

treestudio - beautiful hand screenprinted with lots of love and care on a gocco press. each one is unique and has a charm of it's own! Indeed, it is.



I have been distracted from my work in the office..but here is it..

LigneNoire - a french company carry these grayish, black and white teens. It gives mininal clean sleek looks. I heart for these long skinny leg birds.


Need a new friend? You can make your own! Gently style or radically transform your blank plush toy made from 100% cotton. Use stuff like fabric paint, spray paint, markers, bits of fabric and felt, glue, add ons, accessories, whatever you can find. Go wild!

or if you're not to creative..purchase one of these woomen softies..

Cute Sofites decoration

What exactly do you do with the softies you collected? Pics like these...


he got the look..

These adorable creatures got the look. Created by Lori Brown a self taught artist born and raised in a small, rural, town about an hour outside of Cincinnati. No doubt the eyes of these are unique. Visit her shop at morninglori.etsy.com to other softies and illustration.


Learn a new word today,"Peluche" is the french word for plush.
As the name of this shop, plush of eveluche -
Les peluches d'eveluche

At this shop you can purchase the softies or the beautiful pics of these adorable expression softies. Click here.


honey-bunch store located in Toronto carry some adorable softies. Like these soft color handknit softies, or sleepy creatures or Zid Zid Kids embroidered cushion.


Beautiful handmade doll

This doll is amazing well made. Look at the details. Her elbow, knees are jointed by with a button, so she is moveable. I just love the two big bold on her should and her shoes. She is for sure every little girl would love to have.

Handmade by Heather Bailey.

zaum messenger bag

Here are some retro looking messenger bag - zaum.

You can make

Cute stuff to make..free pattern by qdpatooties. She also has a shop at etsy.com. Check it out.

terrycloth towels turn into art

I was the bookshop browsing through the travel magazine for my coming next vacation. Very excited! I spotted these flowery colorful softies that are handmade from 100% cotton terry cloth. I bet it must really soft. These softies are from German designer - Andreas Linzner. These little cuties are made from recycled terrycloth towels found from Linzners travels from all over the world. He transforms them into one-of-a-kind monkeys, elephants and dogs. How neat!

Trust your style interviewed with Andreas. Click here to read.

available at designshop.uk or Andreas Linzner site.


Happy Friday!!

Do you have a favorite pics or illustration want to on put on a t-shirt? Visit ukaaa - stencil shirt tutorial at Flick group for full detail how to make it from scratch.