Hop Skip Jump

Cute handmade, one of kind giraffe toy by Hop Skip Jump. Very tempted to bring one home. Click here.

Aunty Cookie

Aunty Cookie handmade fabric screenprinting, cards and other goodies. Swing over to her see shop.
Hurry her fabric are limited edition.

Onion Dog

Onion Dog, apparently he is a celebrity bull terrier dog. I just discover him. Grab him home here.

Tania Ho

These sweetie and cuties created by Tania Ho from Lisboa, Portgual. Check out her shop at etsy.

Seed Pod Books and Art

He maybe looks scary, actually he is sweet and warm. Jessica at Seed Pod Books and Art created this softies. Get your green hexapus free pattern here.


Laptop Cozy

Ah..my favorite color orange. Looking for a simple and cute design to protect your laptop.. check out design sponge to make one for yourself.


Mau Studio

Remember these...now all music replaced with MP3 or Ipod.
Mau Studio carry these mixtape pouch.



Congratulation to Camilla Engman her little red riding hood character has been chosen by Converse.

House and Cars pencil toppers

I made these toppers for my little friends over the weekend. Scroll down for free pattern.


Adorable brooches by Wapita. Email her for special order in the color you want.

Cool Maths

Of course calculator or spreadsheets is much faster. But still cool.


Cute and adorable bag handmade by Marijke, graphic designer.
Currently, she does not have any sell now. But check back on her site for future order.



A very cool web design company called Also. Check out site they designed.

Draft Dodger

Baby, it's cold outside...order a stylish draft dodger to keep you warm. Handmade with vintage button.

Via swissmiss.

Nana bag

Tote bags with a padded laptop pouch. Good design and functional.
Click here to see more.

Webpass fast internet

All of sudden my wireless airport stopping working. I have been borrowing my neigbor wireless and oh boy it is slow. I just realized I have been spooled by Webpass a much faster internet service than Comcast and cheaper. So, if they offer this service in your area you must get it.

Click here for the link.



These softies are amazingly well made. The detail for each are astounding. It sure deserve its price tag of $100. Take a look at Udder shop for close up pictures.


I can never stop loving owls are that handmade. It gets better and better. Here one from b.delicious.

Gus Fink

Welcome to Boogily Bunnies collection. Cool plush handmade and created by Gus Fink. via Plastic and Plush .com



Softies by Odkins shop.

Things I received from X'mas

In celebrating my 100 posting, I want to thank people for who is reading my blog. And of course to friends and family who give me these great gifts to start my softies..cuties project. And yes, is my birthday. Double celebration.


Cool one of kind artwork by Dawbis. These art pieces are created by reusing paper, cereal box. Check out her shop at Etsy.

Jaco Haasbroek

A South African artist. See more here. You can purchase his t-shirt at Threadless.

Blabla plush dolls

Adorable hand-knitted softies by French-born artist Florence Wetterwald. Perfect sized for babies and toddlers. Click here to bring one home.

yann le coroller

“aaa-a-a-aaa-a-a-aaaaa!” These are colorful 3Dworld photos by Yann Le Coroller, a French illustrator now currently live in Brooklyn, NY. Swing over to see more.

Laurena Lane

It's Sunday, I'm suppose to be resting. But these birds are way toooooo cute need to share with you guys immediately!! Handmade felt birds by Laurena Lane. Purchase yours at etsy Laurana Lane shop.

Xana & Brownie & Friends

Whimsical characters for age 0 to 99. Created and handmade by Mar Hernández an illustration artist in Spain. It was created for an exhibtion. Not sure where to buy one yet? Click here for her link.