Hello! Lucky

I opened the mail box today..guess what?? I got a thank you card from my dearest sister. Love the card..very chic..isn't it?? Like what you see?? Go to Hello!Lucky for wedding invitations, greeting cards, gifts & wrap and more..

Bureau of Communication

I so looking forward to send this OFFICIAL invitation for my next house party. It is so hilarious..take a look at Bureau of Communication for more Statements.

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Happy Friday!!

Yes, I'm excited. Can't wait to get to the door...


nostrata.com - Cool website

Want to know what happen between hello and thank you????? Sure you do click here..


I don't remember how..but I found this great blog who does great softies. The color, eyes are just so unique. He sure bring character to his softies. Hopefully, someday he will have a shop at etsy. More detail at schmeebot blog.

Junior's Cheesecake

My sweet friend, Mike gave me a good piece of cheesecake from Cheesecake factory. It was good. Of course, with me being a big Junior's Cheesecake fan..your guess is right..I have ask for Junior's Cheesecake..they're really good and only available in NYC, Brooklyn. If you're ever in NYC check them out or order online deliver in couple days in a dry ice box. Nice! Yummmy!!!

Sock Camera by doll stories

A talent girl name Neta from Tel Viv created this awesome camera out of socks. I love it. It deserve to be in an exhibition. Don't forget to check out her shop.


The Sunjar: A Solar Powered Jar Full Of Sunshine

I have wanted to do this sunjar project posted by instructables.com since last year for my balcony. Of course, no luck I was not able to get the solar light bulbs. So, it's on hold. Delightful.com is now selling the whole package for $39.75 not bad.
This is a good way of being green and feel smart. Yeah?!

DaWanda products with love

DaWanda a Norway shop carry Dalinda's line of handmade stuff. Aren't they cute?

These dolls are way too funny! Remind me of Saturday night disco..stay alive..ah ha..
They are price at 18euro...take a look at her shop click here.

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Cool gift - floppy disk coasters by supermandolini

"Psssst. Do you remember how you had to walk a mile to school in the snow with no shoes on to use the mainframe? Ever fall asleep in class learning dbase III? Do you sometimes miss the boop bop beep bop wheeeeeee wailing of the modem?"....

"You can’t write protect anything to these disks, but you don’t need to worry about spilling a drink on them either (bonus). "

Isn't this Technabob guy hilarious??..click over to read the detail..

Ash Hilton Silver rings

Ash Hilton a New Zealand artist handmade these beautiful silver rings from his home workshop. I personally prefer ring that are round at the bottom, like this pear shape coz..I use the keyboard alot..can you tell?? Swing over to see more of his handmade jewelry.
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Natascha S. Rosenberg

"A graduator from Law school decided to concentrate all her energies on drawing, something she had loved since childhood". I'm glad you did Natascha S. Rosenberg, because your illustrating are beautiful. Natascha was born in Munich, Germany grew up in Spain. Not only she does illustration, screenprinting, Natascha also handmade softies like this bunnies, 3D house and beachdog. Visit her blog or her shop.

Matilde Beldroega

Talk about colorful and fashionable. Matilde Beldroega an artist from Portugal does a great job. I just love the fact you can buy either the dolls itself or the dolls clothing. Remind me when I was young playing with paper dolls and paper dolls clothings. It such girly fun able to change different clothing. Check out Matilde shop at etsy.

Create-it Endangered Species Kit

Amazon.com carry this great kit for making deer, owl and fox finger puppets. The kit comes with a precut felt materials and a cute canvas bag for $5.99. Great fun with that price it's a bargain.



Beautiful and charming softies from Burcuokay that I must share with you immediately. I just love the way how the hair are stylish. Tap over to see more of her work or bring one home.

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Martha Stewart - Gloves Animal TV show

Today's Martha Stewart TV show talks about making adorable softies out of socks and gloves from the book "Sock and Glove," by Miyako Kanamori. Of course, I'm at work and missed the show. The video hasn't upload on the website yet. But do check it out, click here for preview clip. Thanks to my dear sister, Mimi for the info.

Lion Brand Yarn

I had great ski trip..of course doing family fun as well..along the way while browsing Michael's the arts & craft store in Sacramento, CA I discovered Lion Brand Yarn. A yarn company gives free pattern and buy the material online. Best part, you can buy the kits as well, project like felted tote, soft toys, purse etc. Here you see are of some of their free pattern Amigurumi. Ready to start one of your own?


I'm back..

Almost didn't make it down before the blizzard hit Lake Tahoe. Here are a few photos..


I'm on holiday..

Will be back on Feb 24 for more softies..cuties..

2008 Hidden Habitats Calendar

We're in 2 months of the year already, but it still never too late to get this utopia, nature intricate illustrations calendar by Jill Bliss and Salee Oh. Swing over buyolympia.com to see this 13months calendar.

My Favorite Mirror

Finally, I have found what I have been looking for cute pocket mirror to go with my purse. My Favorite Mirror has over 100 of mirrors from various artist or design your own for you to choose at $7.


Beehive Co-op

Here is another one from ReadyMade magazine ad, Beehive Co-op a boutique shop based in Altanta, GA. My favorite is the design photos frame. I'm thinking a design tile with your picture.