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Wedding Bunnies | Gift for Bride and Groom

Have you ever found the perfect gift for a friend and you can't wait to share it with them?
I found these two wedding bunnies and can't wait to share it with two great friends of mine. 

The details are extremely beautiful and well made. One great plus you can personalize the bunnies with your friend's name and their wedding date.


Let's take a look at the bride in detail. Doesn't she look absolutely stunning in her wedding gown? It is simple, yet elegant. She has an ability to melt even the coldest hearts. Antoinette is simply magical. Her gown is made of 100% cotton in layers. Alluring pantalettes are decorated with subtle lace, the underskirt is cotton batiste. The hat and cardigan are hand knitted from the soft merino wool in the lightest shade of pink, decorated with sweet flower brooches. She is also is holding a bridal bouquet, which was carefully made for this special day.


The groom wedding outfit is romantic and elegant. His suit is made of 100% Italian merino wool, real classic. Beautiful waistcoat has a three button fastening and made of 100% silk, same as the bow tie. 

Definitely the bunnies will bring many memories to come and a great gift to frame it up and pass on to kids and grandkids. A treasure of memories for the family.

To purchase head over to Etsy $190 per bunny, UK see The Broderie.


Wedding Project | Types of Felt Garland

"For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. 
It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul."
— Judy Garland

How to make a decorative garland beside using paper? Felt material is another option. It is soft and a little more weight than paper. When it is blown by the wind it has a gentle feel to it. Shape can be ball, heart or leaf.

Here are ways to be creative.

To buy felt ball | etsy fairyfolkweddings
To buy felt heart  | etsy neda art
DIY felt foliage garland | project wedding  

DIY felt ball garland | eliza domestica
If you prefer to learn it from watching video. Here is one for felt ball garland.

Have fun decorating! What are other materials do you use for decoration? Share in the comments below.


Wedding Doll Gift

A couple days ago, I received an email from a softies cuties fan. "I'm looking for a wedding doll for an upcoming bridesmaid shower gift. Any suggestion? - Annie

Dear Annie - 
Thank you for the email. What a clever idea! Without much detail on style. Here is what came in mind. Sarah from Quebec, Montreal, Canada - the owner of Les Petites Mains made these amazingly soft, beautiful,  dreamy and glamorous wedding doll. You can even customize the doll to what the bride prefers.
The standard doll collection price at $68.34. Email her if you want to do a custom order.

Since this is for a bridesmaid shower. You can even get it for the other bridesmaids as well. See picture to give you some ideas.

Here are some of the pictures from Les Petites Mains.

Enjoy! And I am pretty sure these dolls will bring many year memories to come.


Caturday | Pink Cat Knitting and Crocheting

Do you take naps? I love napping, especially on Sunday afternoon. It just makes my Monday a little better at work.

Here is a great way to start your Caturday, free pattern Amineko Crocheted Cat by Nekoyama.

Have fun and share your knitting experience in the comments below!


On a quest to find out - who is the artist?

Calling all my softies cuties fans out there. The expressions on these two statues are so cute and adorable. Who is the artist to these two sculptures? Share your answers in the comments section.

Have you ever gone on a vacation you snapped a photo really quick? You came home and realized you took an amazing picture. But you forgot the name of the place or where you snapped that picture. Well, it happened to my friend, Irene.  She took this picture while she was on vacation in Barcelona with a tour group. The group traveling so fast while touring around the city. She can only have time to do a quick and snapshot from the window.

If you know other tips on finding this artist make a comment as well.

Happy searching : -)

Birdies Wednesday!

I took this picture and it sparkles me to ask this. How does a bird sit on a high-voltage power lines without getting electrocuted?
bird sits on wire  | softiescuties
Without going into scientific details, here is the simplest answer I found. For the bird to get electrocuted it must be touching two wires. Once the bird touches the two wires it completes an electrical circuit in this case it would be classified as a short circuit and the voltage and current run through the bird.

There you have it. Time for softies - Happy Wednesday!


A Tale of Honeybee and a Human

A Human was doing her regular weekend runs. Until one Sunday morning, as she was running she came upon a Little Bee. She stopped and started the conversation.

Human: Little Bee, Little Bee - why are you so busy? 

Little Bee: I'm busy collecting nectar of these beautiful nasturtium flowers.

Human: Right, of course. If you don't mind, may I photo and video you while you're collecting nectar.

Little Bee: Not at all! Please share it with the human and let the world know that we're hard working creatures and we make sweet honey for them to eat. So "Save the honeybees!".

Human: Will do! And look out for video and photo.

And of they're doing their little things. Here is a picture of the Little Bee.

Here are some busy bee softies.

Felt Bee | handmadebybrynne
Sock Bee | TreacherCreatures
Bee | 
Make Your Own Bee Felt Pin | The Purl Bee

"I really just want to be warm yellow light that pours over everyone I love." - Conor Oberst


Yellow Giraffe and Lion

Who would have thought the yellow giraffe would be so cute? Here are some yellow softies.

Yellow lion and giraffe by Michelle Jewell. Visit her shop finkelsteins on Etsy.

yellow lion

yellow giraffe

Have some free time and want to take the challenge to make one of your own. Visit Dolls and Day Dreams for pdf pattern purchase.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Do you run in a straight line? Or do you run in a zig-zag pattern? Today, I just discovered when I run in a straight line, I'm more focused and can run longer. This reminds me of Wizard of Oz - Follow the Yellow Brick Road. 

Lyrics by E.Y Harburg
"Follow the Yellow Brick Road, follow the Yellow Brick Road
Follow, follow, follow, follow
Follow the Yellow Brick Road
Follow the Yellow Brick, follow the Yellow Brick
Follow the Yellow Brick Road"

To my crafty fans, here is a felt material Wizard of Oz pdf pattern by Noialand that you can purchase at Etsy.


Free Pattern | What Does the Fox Say?

Head over to Timeless Treasures for a free instructions how to make this soft toy.

Decorative Dolls | Boramiri

French brand Boramiri brings charm and wonder to to the world of children's dolls and baby nursery decor, thanks to its French-Korean designer, Bora Lee. Combining her background in fashion with her limitless imagination, Bora pours style and soul into each item, creating a très chic line that includes decorative pillows for toddlers, baby nursery mobiles, and gorgeous, hand-made dolls. See more from Boramiri.

Get one of these at estella-nyc.


Nina rabbit mustard


Smile, it's Wednesday!!

Cute little felt needle soft toy owl. 

Visit petalstopicots for a step by step instructions.

Have fun!

Doll Maker (Part 1)

What do you want to be when you grow up? A doll maker
What do you do for a living? A doll maker

Can you imagine telling your parents that I want to be a doll maker? I know my parents will say you're crazy. I'm sending you back to school to be a doctor, lawyer or accountant. Doll maker is out of the question.

I did some Google search for a doll maker career. Not much I can find, or I'm not savvy enough. One thing shows up, a Doll Maker falls under the broader career category of Assemblers and Fabricators. Well, my friends, don't be discouraged. The two artists that I'm about to write are doll makers and have been very successful.

Let me introduce, Yeo Mei Ying, an internationally recognized artist doll maker from Malaysia. The genius mind and talented seamstress behind all that is Evangelione. Her dolls are so popular that is sold out almost instant online and in person at exhibitions. Shameless to say, I want to get my hand on one. This also explains why you won’t find it on Etsy right now. Many of her works are in magazines and exhibitions from Hong Kong, New York, Singapore, France and Bulgaria.

From looking at the photos, each and every one of her handmade wonders are with excellent craftsmanship. It’s no wonder that she’s enchanted customers around the world. Visit her Flickr for more photos.

She is currently working on opening her own studio.

Here is a short video clip and some photos to get you started: