Smile, it's Friday!

If you're feeling down, I got something to perk up your day. Here is a chance for you to win this softies handmade by luckyjuju.  See below rules, how to enter.  It simply and easy. You must do this in Instagram.

For a chance to win this kitty boy, FOLLOW @luckyjujuand REGRAM this photo with the hashtag #luckyjuju10k. Giveaway ends Tuesday, May 12th at 9am PDT. Must have a public account to enter. Good luck!


More Handmade in Nepal

It's time to make peanut butter and jam sandwich or PB&J. Does anyone want one or two? I typically like my PB&J on wheat bread with Bonne Maman blueberry jam. How do you like your PB&J?

These adorable sandwiches like soft toys with legs are super cute. You can support Nepal by purchasing these little guys at The Little Sparrow.



Here is how you can help Nepal..

Felt Doll Purse - Handmade in Nepal

Nepal was hit by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake this past Saturday, leaving thousands dead. I'm dedicating this week posting to handmade items in Nepal.

Here are colorful felt doll purses handmade in Nepal. Support them at Sisetacrafts.

Smile, it's Sunday!!

Just like Cathy Applehead, smile.

You can make this today. Here is a free pattern by sweettiding.


Superman bunny

Even a bunny wants to be a superman..

bunny superman - ByTiEm

Superhero handmade doll with cap

Who do you want to be as a superhero? If I had to choose a superhero to be, I would pick Wonder Woman. She's everything that I'm not. 

How about you? Who do you want to be as a superhero?

Here are some superhero handmade dolls by Mio Mucaro. You can purchase yours HERE.

by Mio Mucaro

by Mio Mucaro
Sha-Ra doll by mycakies


More Totoro free pattern

I can't resist but had to post this free Totoro pattern by Cheek and Stitch

Things you will need to get you started - Cheek and Stitch


Mid week free pattern to download

Our all time favorite animated character Totoro, click here to down free pattern from Ravelry. 


Personalize family portrait make out of soft toy

Do you have a family portrait? Is it on the wall or just on your desktop or smartphone?

Here is a chance for you to displace your family portrait in a soft toy version. How COOL is that!!!

You can customize your own family by adult, child, baby, cat, big dog or small dog, hair style, hair color, eyeglasses and even clothing pattern. Check it out and have some fun with it @ citizens collectible.

Handmade Personalized Family with Dog

Couple with Cat Personalized Dolls

Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!  - Albert Einstein


What gets you excited about life?

Everybody gets excited about something, right? I adore city LIFESTYLES. I can walk pretty much everywhere. Go to the malls, picking up fresh produces at the farmers' markets or go to the movie theaters. Everything is pretty much nearby. On weekends and holidays, I like to run along the shoreline and hike up the steps of Telegraph Hills.
How about you? What gets you excited about life?
Here is a softy by Nechepurenka

A full day of activities

What do you have in mind? How about let's start the day with a nice cup of strong Russian tea just to wake myself up, two slices of toasted bread with two spoonfuls of raspberry jam, follow by read a cheesy mystery novel, a nice walk to an art gallery would be lovely too or do something good to the environment…such as "Save the Planet!" or "Stop Global Warming!". 

That is quiet a LIFESTYLES..wouldn't you agree? Check out these softies at Rag Pets.
Emma the rag-cat
Princess the rag-elephant
Livia the rag-cat
Meet Martina the little polar rag-bear.
Martin the polar rag-bear


Looking for things to do..

I think I might have something for you..handmade soft walrus. Check out step by step instruction at The A&B Stories.

Feel the fear, do it anyway

I use this picture as a slide for a meeting today. It turns out someone make a speech out of this.

This picture said it all..disclosure I did not take this picture I borrowed online and added a caption. If you're the photographer to this turtle on skateboard and saw this. Well-done to you!!


Reunited with my old time favorites....

It has been 4 years since my last posting and I am super excited to be back!! Let's waste no time and get started with my first posting in 2015.

"Hazel Village's Max Raccoon has a hollow tree behind his house. He has installed numerous shelves and cubbyholes inside it, and he keeps the cool things that he finds there; bits of crockery that he makes into wind chimes, good paper bags he's saving, presents from his friends, jars of pickles and jam etc."

Each of their soft toys came with a story..check out Milo et Mimi.