Angry Little Girl T-Shirts

ALG released more t-shirts. Take a peek.

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments always a fun gift to give, it's small, cute and caring. I usually attach a small ornaments on top the big present. To make them feel special when they receive many gifts. And it works for me when I can not come up with a gift idea. On top of that it stay for many years to come.

Sweater Kids Ornaments with a Swedish charm from Crate & Barrel and Owl's from Urban Outfitters.


The Cute Book by Aranzi Aronzo

The Cute Book by Aranzi Aronzo, I'm thinking adding this book to my x'mas wish list. More detail from Apartment Therapy: the nursery. Speaking of AT, I once posted my art work. Check it out: Look! Anything can be art.

Are you ready for Yum Cha?

Yum cha (literally "tea drinking") aka dim sum. Chinese go yum cha usually with a group of friends or family on the weekend. Where we have tea and eat light dishes. Some popular dishes like Siu Mai, Xiaolung bao or chicken feet. As you remember from my previous posting of Momo, Dragon Boat Rice Dumpling. Ah! There is nobody does it better than Momo creating these cuties. In the photos you see Siu Mai, Xiaolung boa, Japanese rice cake and cute sweetpea.


Sun and Moon

OMG..this is so cute. It took my breath away. This is a happy little plushie of night and day: one side is the sun, the other side is the moon designed and handmade by Happy Plush Plusy in Ireland. I would love to get my hand on one of these cuties. Isn't amazing how far your imagination can go?


TV Dinner is ready.

My friend Mike has forward me this cool site www.core77.com. One of their cool articles is about needlepoint and crochet by Nicole Gastonguay. The TV dinner set does look very tempting.

Ninja Town

HH AAA! Just name a few, Wee Ninja, White Ninja, Anti-Ninja, Master Ninja. And my favorite is Ninja Consultant. Check out their website for a list of characters description and online shopping.


Gifts from Thailand

I'm always thrilled when my boyfriend travel aboard. He always bring back some cute stuff. Here are a few goodies, a rectangle tote bag and some really colorful HIGH FIVE LOW FIVE stir. oh by the way, next to the colorful stir is the doooodolls and the owl's that I made over the weekend.



Doooodolls from Malaysia. My boyfriend got one of their doll as gift. Pretty huh??

What a productive day!!

I was at Union Square yesterday. Boy, it was crowd. But I'm very happy I got myself a dress for my boyfriend's company x'mas party. Along the way, I picked up fabrics and I made my very first softies. What a productive day!!


Cashmere Crazy

Colorful characters in 100% Uniqlo cashmere. Take a peek. And they are not for sell. But one thing you can do is wow!! aha!! oui!! Let's party!!


Thinking Ahead...

Did you notice that x'mas is celebrating longer and longer?? I started to hear x'mas music at the shopping mall right after Halloween. Sometime, I felt is a holiday for business. But then I realize maybe is actually good. It remind us to start planning for the holiday. By the time x'mas is around the corner you'll be well prepare, you didn't miss someone on your list. You actually enjoy the holiday when it's here..hmhm..

If you're looking for a holiday card R. Nichols has some really cool one.


Gobble gobble...Happy Thanksgiving!!

Free icard from Apple site.

For Kids and Grown Ups - Esthex

Handmade whimsical dolls by Esthex
from Netherlands. These dolls has a very long stripy legs, for little children it is very easy to hold them tight in their little hands! What a clever idea!


How to make an owl - by Floresita

A very simple way of making an owl. Get your free pattern here. Thanks Floresita!!

Cupcakes for Clara!

These handmade softies are from Cupcakes for Clara. They are so cute. I like the detail work of freckles and red hair on Clara are so cute. And Martha aren't bad either. She is modelling the finger puppets. I love them both.


Meet Skweeby, Poloko, Zumba, Bubbo, Boris & more..

You're probably wondering, how do you pronounce these cuties. Well, Mariska Vos-Bolman, a Netherlands designer created these Fluffels. They are very adorable, soft and a little bit crazy! Try pronounce their name with these facial expression.

Meet Boris, the crazy red cat.

Meet Zumba, cute loveable monster.

Meet Bubbo, a romantic and he loves food.

Meet Skweeby, hungry sea monster.

Meet Poloko, the crazy chicken, but very adorable and huggable!

Softies short film

My softies book has arrived. They even turn this book into a short film. How cool is that?!


Buzz Cat Sweater Friend

Recently, I noticed sock monkeys are very popular softies. Here is Buzz Cat from Paper-Source. He looks like someone you can take anywhere.


Into the Anthropologie holiday decorations...

Anthropologie has released their into the woods, into to the snow and into the wild holiday ornaments. I can't wait to get my hand on one these cuties.


oh my goodness..I just browse through this amazing magazine last night at the bookshop. It's my first time ever saw such inspire, artistic magazine. It's a fab magazine! Like Carina said.


Playful Christmas Fun

Boy, oh boy I did a lot of posting today. Why? Just for today, I'm off from my full-time job. It's really nice, except time fly fast when I'm having a good time with myself. Here is my last posting for the day - Christmas!! Christmas is always a fun fun for me. Where most of my siblings flying from New York and meet me half way at my mom's place to spend time together. Garnet Hill has quite a classic warmy collection. Think of it sitting in front of a fire place staring at the window where the snow is falling down and white outside with a cup of espresso and french raisin crescent..hmmm. Wake up!!

Messenger Bag

I just bought my first Angry Little Girl messenger bag with character of Sistah Wanda and very excited to use.