Nosey Nest

Like this little yellow cute ducky? Well you can make one of your own given by Nosey Nest. Click here for free pattern. You can also purchase her softies like the blue monster below or pattern at esty, an online handmade site function like Ebay except for handmade.


RCF - Hilary At The Circus

Hilary's softies dolls are made from scrap and found fabrics. So it is unique and they have long long leg. And if you see one you like must grab it immediately. Like me missed the chance to get this pink long leg doll. I'm happy for the lucky customer.

Hilary Williams - Fine Art
2049 San Jose Ave, SF Ca 94112
visit Hilary's site to see more painting and drawing.


RCF - she got the look

We don't know her. But she got the look!!. I'm glad she let us take a pic of her.

RCF - rock scissor paper

rock scissor paper - owls collection was one my very first blog posting. Finally, I got the feel of touching these softies. There new rabbits has became one of my favorite. Very soft. Great for little kids to play with.

Below is pic of Susie.


RCF - Scabby Robot Design

Love and love this design. Simple and unique. Ring in leather, wallet in leather and bag in leather. Visit Jill Harrell blog - go go scabby robot and her shop at etsy.

Jill - let me know if you have a 8' size ring in white.

RCF - NuNu dolls

Bethany is the creator came over and told us this was a drawing when she was 4 years old. Even nowadays, her family member still call her NuNu.

Renegade craft fair July 12

I was at RCF this past Saturday with my friend Mike L. - the man behind the camera. This is the first time they held in San Francisco - Fort Mason. Amazingly, it is one of my favorite craft fair. Over 150 crafters participated in this event. This week I will post of my favorite.


handmade monsters

These handmade softies by Belua Designs. All these softies have their own name like Ruggles, Artoo & Deetoo, Jasper, Cisco and much much more. Remember new name is hard for me already just imagine creating a name to things.

Sarah Bourque is the owner and she is at Edmonton Downtown Farmers Market every Saturday from 9-3 (Alberta Canada).

Her online shop at etsy.com
Gallery at flickr

This Saturday & Sunday Free Event

RCF finally here in San Francisco...should be pretty cool.

This flyer is uploaded by sproutgirl74.


Aqua Expeditions

Imagine traveling through the Amazon river on this boat to see the wildlife? You can make it happened. Aqua Expeditions is offering 3, 4 or 7 days itineraries in this modern luxury vessel.

I will keep this as my future planning. See more click here.



Le Critter d'Ignatius

Available at popline.com a french online store.

coolest egg cosy around

Award winning design house Parkhaus, has probably designed the coolest egg cosy around!

There's something so lucious and beautiful about felt. It takes colour so well and it's such a durable, yet flexible material in its stylish feel, colour and simplicity

Available in four colours: Beige, Cream, Orange and Pink

via little baby company


door decoration

Using different fabrics and made this graphic design for your door. I love it. Visit how about orange for detail.


hard graft

looking for a ipod case or laptop case? check this out at hard graft.

the deglingos

I was Hayes St. over the weekend and found these softies at the store "lavish". They 're not only soft but also quite a character. Check out the website, lots of interaction.
Here are some of the photos I like from the website.
oh..don't forget if you own one of the deglingos take pics you might win a free one too.