tea anyone?

Adorable tea cup softies by sewing star.

Happy Monday!

The day is almost over, yet I' m extremely busy for the past and coming week. I'm think I might just stay at home and do nothing for July 4, this Friday.

Love the combo color on this softies. It has the brown and a bright yellow, orange color.


Candystore Collective

Candystore Collective
3153 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

pics from Candystore Collective website. Take a look at the things they sell. You might up fill up the shopping cart.


the black rabbits

here you see lavender love bods and lavender aliens. are they cute? look for then at the black rabbits site.


bird mobile free pattern

simple stuffed bird pattern from spool sewing.
Spool Sewing also offering sewing classes. Check it out if you're in Philadelphia.

Note: the pdf download is located on the left side bar.


free downloads for personal use

Nowadays, I use my palm for to task. But every now and then I do like to write my to list on paper.

Here some free download in PDF format from A Little Hut designs by patricia zapata.

via how about orange


gleeful things

I do have to say..gleeful things do make me smile. Love the way the tails of these creature so puffy, long or hairy.

location: southern california

Sky King Tricycle in Red

Would you be willing to pay $2,502 for this tricycle?

Available at Posh Tots

I do like the softies on this tricycle.


popular place to sell your arts & crafts online

There was an article on Wall Street Journal today, "Beyound Fair Trade" talking about how arts and craft stuff becoming so popular selling online. Grab a Wall Street to read the full article. For those of you looking for an online site to sell your stuff, here are the popular site list:

No. of artists: 2,200
Cost of list on site: $29 setup fee; monthly fee from $13.95 to $19.95
Unique viewers: 70,000 to 100,000/month

Etsy.com -- we all know this one and is my favorite.
No. of artists: over 150,000
Cost to list on site: 20cents per item, 3.5% commission per sale
Unique viewers: over 10,000,000/month (10milions viewers)

No. of artists: about 100-120
Cost to list on site: site owner select items, some artists get upfront fee from sites, others a % of sales.
Unique viewers: 200,000 month

No. of artists: 5,546
Cost to list on site: $59 annual fee, 10% fee on sales in some cases
Unique viewers: 300,000 month


I love this artist work..if you want wild monster you got..like this one below "gimme a break".
If you want cute, charming with a soft touch you got it..see below, the green monster with a pink cheek and hands in pockets.

etsy shop: ninon
Location: berlin, germany

dwell shop

animal blossom at dwell shop

wedding centerpiece

Last Saturday, I attended a wedding at the winery. It was a beautiful wedding. Loved the creative table setting. Each guest received a bottle of honey with bride and groom name. Our name was pinned on a pear. On back of our name tag there was a stamp of an animal. I got a fish. Other guests got cow, chicken, vegetable. Each guest has a different one. Some are the same. We were wondering what was that for. Does it represent the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac? Nope, it was out main course. How creative!!


snow home

snow home carry lots of simple home decoration items like coat hanger, conceal bookshelf and much much more but the creative color pencil tree and clean looking cuckoo clock are my favorite. Take look.


a different view

wow..I would never thought of taking picture like this...then again there are many things I wouldn't thought..

see more here at flickr



softies on vacation

This softies is definitely having a wonderful time. He been to the beach. He been to the forest. If you like to claim him as your travel partner visit kittypinkstarts.etsy.com


World's largest plush show

If you're going to be in St. Louis, MO for these days
June 6, 13, 20 and 27. Drop by the plush show.



I'm back..

I'm back until July for the next vacation. Here are some in the woods pics at Nova Scotia. Will add to my flickr group shortly. Let me unwind for a day or two.