Yellow Honey Bunny in turtle neck..

Hello Monday..

I make this one on Sunday morning; call him "Yellow Honey Bunny". Well, I got suck along the way in the instruction (second gloves - his head). I re-read the wording the one with photos. Ah..that's what I was missing. Mystery solves. So, here is it. Ready to be on my blog, like it? not like?

Some tips for beginner:
1) To get you started, a threads in your color, scissor, needle, buttons, filling polyester, two pairs of gloves
2) I order my gloves through HarborFreight.com - $2.50 for 6 pairs of socks (unbeatable)
3) Buy the book - $12.95 (order through my site Amazon.com side bar to continue support softiescuties blog)
4) Not sure if you want to do a big project yet, here is couple free tutorial from the same book at Martha Stewart site:
- Bunny
-Martha Stewart video

5) Sewing tips, I prefer to sew the buttons before I sew shut the opening.
6) Simple and easy project, yet very rewarding.

If you have other tips feel free put on the comments. Enjoy!

Last but least, thanks to my dear friends A & S for the x'mas gift. See I put it into use.

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