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There was an article on Wall Street Journal today, "Beyound Fair Trade" talking about how arts and craft stuff becoming so popular selling online. Grab a Wall Street to read the full article. For those of you looking for an online site to sell your stuff, here are the popular site list:

No. of artists: 2,200
Cost of list on site: $29 setup fee; monthly fee from $13.95 to $19.95
Unique viewers: 70,000 to 100,000/month

Etsy.com -- we all know this one and is my favorite.
No. of artists: over 150,000
Cost to list on site: 20cents per item, 3.5% commission per sale
Unique viewers: over 10,000,000/month (10milions viewers)

No. of artists: about 100-120
Cost to list on site: site owner select items, some artists get upfront fee from sites, others a % of sales.
Unique viewers: 200,000 month

No. of artists: 5,546
Cost to list on site: $59 annual fee, 10% fee on sales in some cases
Unique viewers: 300,000 month

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