ipod cozy

Remember that ipod cozy tutorial (beautythatmoves) I posted awhile ago..I finally had the chance to make one of my own. The one is for my friend Mike. Challenge I face cutting the felt material straight, making the stitches equally apart and closing the stitches so it won't show. Oh well..first one I think I did pretty good. Ah! most important the enjoyment of making it. If you're like me need extra sewing help check out futuregirl.com. Her tutorial are detail and easy to follow. Enjoy everyone!


Anonymous said...

It's such a beautyful thing. Nice works!

When the Fall come, trees change their leaves
When the fashion come, poeple change their dress
When your handmade come, things change their look.
Now, I want my laptop with a blue look
Would you make me one,like the one you have posted?
Then my lapton will be a hook
Because it's standout no matter of what group.

oh by the way, my laptop's size 14.1


Anonymous said...

i love it! to cut my pieces straight i used a rotary cutter and straight edge. very helpful. as with most things, blanket stitching gets easier with each attempt, and then it is down right enjoyable! ;)

Ohla Ohla!! said...

Beautiful poem written Mike..

Thanks Heather for the tips.