Spring around the corner.

Have a good rest this weekend everyone. Spring is just around the corner. Start spring cleaning, working in the garden, take in a good flick, or have some friends over and talk about little stuff like baby diapers or leaky plumbing – or both (they're related after all). In my case, no babies, no pets I will gear up my bicycle for the summer fun. The truth is that all this excitement – like everything else – is temporary.

If you're market shopping for tulip bulb Smith & Hawken has some pretty one.

Here is my last softies posting for Friday, Wolly Birds handmade and design by Lasso the Moon located in Midwest US. They are stitched completely by hand with embroidery floss. His body is made from felted wool. Buy these at etsy shop in your favorite color.


Robyn said...

So cute! And the tulips are beautiful!

Ohla Ohla!! said...

Thanks Robyn. Yeap, tulips are my favorite flower.